[uf-discuss] hatom parsing question

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Mon Feb 6 08:25:04 PST 2006

Over the weekend I was looking at the feasibility of moving the default  
textpattern template[1] over to hatom and I seem to have hit a snag (or  
lack of understanding on my part.

At its simplest form, here's what the output of the basic posting code  
looks like marked up with hatom:


It contains the following header inside the post entry...

<h3><a href="" rel="bookmark"  
class="headline">Test Post</a> &#183; <abbr class="published"  
title="2006-02-05T17:03:32-0800">a few seconds ago</abbr> by <span  

When i run that though the the Almost Universal Parser[2] it seems to  
pick up both the published date as well as the author values, but the  
title it is outputting for the post is the full text of the <h3>  

Test Post · a few seconds ago by Chris

Is this parser error, some clash between the spec and markup used by  
this template? Is there a remedy that doesn't involve completely  
changing the semantics of the original template?

[1] the default txp code/template can be seen here:  

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