[uf-discuss] hCalendar test case updates

Mark Mansour mark at lifelint.com
Thu Feb 9 07:30:32 PST 2006

Hi Folks,

Due to the feedback from people on this list, in particular Brian
Suda, the hCalendar tests have been updated.

The test cases have been relocated to a public subversion repository
http://svn.lifelint.com/hcalendar_tests/ so please don't use the old
URI of http://lifelint.com/test/hCalendar/ - I'll be removing the old
URI data in a few weeks.

new test cases are for:
- html fragments
- del class
- xml:lang in any html element
- microsoft outlook compliance

and a few minor fixes to the test cases.

I've updated my parser to handle these cases.

The test are lacking examples of
- pre
- html tables (the axis/header stuff)
and it would be great if someone would like to contribute these.


Read on only if you are really interested in new test thought process.

I've taken a guess at the fragment implementation.  I'm assuming that
a fragment of test is surrounded by the anchor tag and that only the
contents of the anchor should be parsed.  If people disagree I'd like
to know how they think it should be handled.

I've also added a microsoft outlook compliance test based on the
writeup from http://www.inkdroid.org/journal/2006/01/19/ical-and-outlook/.
 Again, I've made a best guess attempt to write up a test.

The del and xml:lang tests are fairly obvious.

picking the lint off your life

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