[uf-discuss] Massive use of hCard - need validation and discussion

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Fri Feb 10 11:01:23 PST 2006

So, being the OCD developer I am, I marked up a recent blog posting 
with hCard - quite a lot of hCard - and need some assistance checking 
if it validates. Ignore the political content and please help me 
examine the semantics. I'm curious if each organization I reference 
can be marked up with class="vcard", class="org", without further context.

Thanks in advance.


<p>I think <a 
article</a> by <span class="vcard"><span class="org">Washington 
Post</span> <span class="role">reporter</span> <span class="fn">Dan 
Froomkin</span></span> sums up a lot of the issues right now. You 
have <span class="vcard"><span class="n"><span 
class="given-name">Lewis</span> "<span 
class="nickname">Scooter</span>" <span 
class="family-name">Libby</span></span> - <span class="role"><span 
class="vcard"><span class="title">Vice President</span> <span 
class="n"><span class="nickname">Dick</span> <span 
class="family-name">Cheney</span></span></span>'s ex-<span 
class="title">Chief of Staff</span></span></span> testifying that he 
was told by his bosses that he could release information about <span 
class="vcard"><span class="fn">Valerie Plame</span> being a <span 
class="role"><acronym title="Central Intelligence Agency
">CIA</acronym> agent</span></span>. </p>

<p>It also touches upon the Hurricane Katrina scandal which former 
<span class="vcard"><span class="title"><span class="org"><acronym 
title="Federal Emergency Management Agency
">FEMA</acronym></span> <span class="role">Director</span></span> 
<span class="fn">Mike Brown</span></span> is testifying about in 
Congress today stating that both the Department of Homeland Security 
and the White House knew the night of the levee breaches and not the 
day after as they claimed. And the big one - the <acronym 
title="National Security Agency
">NSA</acronym>'s domestic wiretapping program which, according to 
reports, the White House has rebriefed the National Security 
subcommittee on with some alleged change in support.</p>

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