[uf-discuss] thought: weekly microformats meetups

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Feb 10 12:41:06 PST 2006

Last year we held semi-irregular microformats dinners which helped introduce
a lot of folks to microformats, and provide an open forum where folks could
come to learn, to get questions answered, share ideas etc., in a more
personable setting than irc/email/wiki, and helped get a lot of microformats
issues resolved.

This year:

media-info-examples were discussed and expanded at a meeting at 21st
Amendment in SF.

Ernie has proposed a meeting to usher in some wiki cleanup.

hListing got a lot of support and momentum at this past week's SDForum
SearchSIG meeting.

hResume has been rough drafted and could use some experimentation in the

In addition, there are some issues raised on the list (e.g. summary
statement) that would be much better discussed in person IMHO than on a
mailing list.

In general, there is enough going on with microformats, and with new issues
being raised on the list that I think weekly in-person meetings (if you miss
one, just go to the next one) could really help:

* move things along
* resolve issues/threads quickly
* be a nice place for new folks to meet other microformats folks

We should require that the meetings take place somewhere with network access
so that:

* we can have folks meetup/contribute from IRC as well.
* we can hold multiple meeting locations, so for example, even here in the
SF Bay Area, SF folks could meet some place local, Peninsula folks could
meetup somewhere local as well.  Maybe we could do more combined meetups on
a monthly basis, perhaps timed to coincide with major conferences.

My first thought is early Monday evenings like 5-6pm pacific time.

We could also try one on 2/13 and see how it goes.  2/20 is during
MashupCamp, but I think enough microformatters will be there to hold an
impromptu meetup.

Thoughts? What do people think?



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