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Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Sun Feb 12 20:14:47 PST 2006

On Feb 12, 2006, at 4:08 PM, Scott Reynen wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2006, at 5:21 PM, Ryan King wrote:
>> ...
>> This method is something that Tantek and I came up with while  
>> brainstorming about hResume with James Levine of Simply Hired. We  
>> haven't gotten any feedback on it from others (except Brian Suda,  
>> who says it will be workable for X2V to support this), so, please  
>> examine it and give your feedback.
> Here are a few potential problems I see:
> 1) it allows for a complete disconnect between what a human reads  
> and what a machine reads, as humans read by proximity, not pointers.

Indeed, but in this particular case the humans don't have a problem  
figuring out the connection. So maybe, just maybe, its ok to be a bit  
lax here. I'm not convinced that this is an ideal solution, but it's  
probably the best one we have so far.

> 2) the resultant hCards contain out-of-date information, with a  
> person identified under a job title they no longer hold (except  
> possibly the most recent experience).

Right, except this data is within the context of an event, which has  
dates associated with it.

> 3) it makes parsing more complicated.  Currently, a parser needs to  
> consider only the fragment of the documents within the root of the  
> microformat, but allowing data to be scattered about the document  
> means a parser needs to have the entire document available during  
> parsing.

Indeed, it does complicate things a bit for parsing. However, we  
already have this level of complexity with hCalendar in tables.

> Backing up a step, what is the advantage of using the hCard class  
> on education and experience data?  Just reusing components from  
> hCard without labeling them hCards would remove the need to follow  
> hCard's fn requirement, but I'm not clear on what would be lost in  
> the process.

What you're essentially asking for is a variant of hCard that doesn't  
have the required-fn constraint. This is certainly an option for  
hResume, we could reuse hCard semantics to describe job titles/ 
positions. However it would not be a generalizable solution.

I know we had talked about this, but we wanted to try and see if we  
could get it to work this way first. I'm not totally sold on the  
<object> reference method, but I think its the simplest thing we have  
that could work.

Ryan King
ryan at technorati.com

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