[uf-discuss] spec interpretation question with hCalendar attr element example

Mark Mansour mark at lifelint.com
Mon Feb 20 02:10:35 PST 2006

Hi again,

Although there is a hCalendar meetup on Friday/Saturday on IRC (plug,
plug - see a recent post) I had a general question to ask here first
that can be highlighted with a specific example..

My general question is how to interpret the microformat specs.  When
in doubt do you 'interpret' the spec literally in a hard line manner
(be a spec bigot) or view of the situation as widely as possible (i.e.
rfc793 - Postel's law).

I'm looking at http://www.webanalyticsassociation.org/en/calendarevents/search.asp
and I've notices that there is a tag for location that looks like

<abbr class="location">Kempinsky Hotel Airport Munich, Munich, Bavaria

The spec says
- Once an element for a property is found, the contents of the element
are used for the value.

Great, this is the general rule in which the location would be the
Kimpinsky Hotel..

BUT there is a more specific rule that says

For all properties, when the element for a property is:
    * <abbr>: use the value of the 'title' attribute.

which doesn't apply to this tag, which means there is no value for the location.

BTW: both X2V (Brian Suda's xslt) and LifeLint (my parser) fail on this one..

So does the more specific rule override the general rule in all cases
or does the general rule override the specific rule if it doesn't


picking the lint off your life

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