[uf-discuss] hlisting discussion Wednesday night

Carl Beeth carl.beeth at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 03:09:58 PST 2006

One thing to possibly discuss in the meeting tonight.
The value of hlisting is that it allows small community sites to
greatly increase the value of their local listings through
aggregation. But one thing that will be confronted by the aggregator
is the lack of context.
Take the example of a local VW club, The people listing an item there
will make two assumptions:
1) The local context is set so they will not need to put in a full address.
2) That all the items relate to VW so they will not specify that.
Both of these items can be partially solved by the local webmaster by
attaching a zip and country code and VW to all the listings. But maybe
there is a more elegant solution, for example, tagging the whole list
of listings with the needed metadata.

Good luck with the meeting tonight sadly I'm 9 hours away in Europe.

Carl Beeth
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