[uf-discuss] distributed discussion and cite-rel (+ hCard)

Eran limbo at actcom.co.il
Wed Feb 22 15:47:43 PST 2006

> Hi Eran
> I've just read the wiki and have made a very tentative effort 
> to combine hCard and cite-rel µFs in 3 examples for use in 
> our blog app. 


> Would the first [1] with the vcard url and the 
> source url for rel-cite within the <cite 
> class="vcard"></cite> be confusing? 


A couple of comments:

I believe that the correct place for the <cite> element would be outside of
the <blockquote>. The source/author name are not part of the quote itself.

With cite-rel you want to use the most specific source, in your case that
would be a specific blog post. You may also indicate the author in a
separate <cite> element.

You seem to be using the rel="cite" format which was proposed several times
but the actual format currently uses <cite class="rel...">. I've made
changes to your samples below:

> [1]
> <blockquote>
> Quotation - <cite class="vcard"><a class="url fn" 
> href="url">Joe Bloggs</a> - <a rel="cite" href="source 
> url">source title</a></cite> </blockquote>

In reply to <cite class="vcard"><a class="url fn" href="blogger's url">Joe
Bloggs</a></cite>'s post
<cite class="rev-reply"><a href="source url">post title</a></cite>

Alternatively, you can use

Via: <cite class="via vcard"><a class="url fn" href="blogger's url">Joe

> The other examples [2][3] 
> remove the vcard to outside the <blockquote> but would that 
> remove an implicit association between the author of the 
> quote and the distributed conversation? I've tried to take in 
> to account quotations within a post and also relevant quotes 
> that may appear as comments to a post. Comments and 
> corrections would be appreciated.

You can always make the connection more explicit by using the cite attribute
on the <blockquote> element:

In reply to <cite id="#cite1" class="rev-reply vcard"><a class="url fn"
href="blogger's url">Joe Bloggs</a></cite>'s post where he said:
<blockquote cite="#cite1">

The cite attribute relates the blockquote to the specified <cite> element,
making the connection between them explicit.

Hope this help,

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