[uf-discuss] hAtom suggestions

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Sat Feb 25 10:05:03 PST 2006

Robert Bachmann wrote:
> Opacity
> -------
> "[A]ny microformat content inside a <blockquote> or <cite> element
> within the Entry is should not be considered part of the Entry."
> I think this should also apply to <q>, since <q> is very similar to
> <blockquote>.

This is what I meant to have in there. Done. Note that this whole thing 
came from a very very last minute discussion I had with Tantek while 
leaving Google after Mashup Camp, to clarify the whole opacity thing 
(and to avoid using that word). I believe this use of BLOCKQUOTE/Q will 
be transportable to other microformats.

> Entry Permalink
> ---------------
> "[I]f the Entry Permalink is missing, use the URI of the page"
> IMO this should be changed to
>  * If the Entry Permalink is missing, the URI of the page is used.
>    * If the Entry element has an ID attribute it will be append to the
>      page URI.
> So the permanent link for
>  <div class="hentry" id="bar">
>   ...
>  </div> <!-- found on http://example.com/foo.html -->
> would be <http://example.com/foo.html#bar>.

I'm for this. Does anyone have any objections?

> Feed title
> ----------
> Feed Permalink
> --------------

I'm not saying no, I'm not saying yes: we're just not going to do this 
in 0.1 to get this out the door.

> rel-tag and categories
> ----------------------
> How should rel-tag's be mapped to Atom categories?
> Someone suggested that
>  <a href="http://example.com/tags/foo">bar</a>
> should be mapped to
>  <atom:category term="foo"
>                 label="bar" />
> An other way would be
>  <atom:category term="http://example.com/tags/foo"
>                 label="bar"
>                 scheme="http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag#Profile"
>                 />

I added this earlier this morning under "Feed Category" and "Entry 
Category", following the first pattern you give there.

Let's leave the SCHEME part alone for now, unless anyone has any major 

> Parsing rules
> -------------
> I think we should create a page similar to "hcard-parsing" for hAtom.
> I noticed there's already a page named "hatom-hints" which has seems to
> have the same purpose. Maybe it should be renamed to "hatom-parsing"?

Sure. Go ahead if you want.

Regards, etc...

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