[uf-discuss] Call for microformats folks attending/demoing at ETech and SXSW!

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Feb 27 01:18:09 PST 2006


There are several microformats related sessions at upcoming conferences
documented here:


In particular I want to call your attention to ETech and SXSW sessions on



If you are ATTENDING either of these conferences, please add yourself to the
"Attending" section near the top of the page so we can have an opportunity
to figure out any microformats related meetups during these conferences
(personally I would like to see a "Microformats MashPit" one of the nights
at ETech - Chris, what do you think? Perhaps 3/8?).

In addition, I have kept a couple of "demo slots" open in the sessions at
both conferences for last minute break-through microformats innovations and

So if you are attending, and have an innovative/break-through microformats
implementation that you would like to demonstrate, add yourself (and a link
to what you want to demo) to the "Proposed Demonstrations" section of the
page.  Even if you don't have have an implementation, but are attending,
feel free to add a "+1" next to any "Proposed Demonstration" that you would
like to see.

I know I've heard privately from a few folks that they are very close to
having implementations that can be demonstrated, so I'm eager to help you
show off your good work.  Also, I'm sure my poor memory is failing to
remember some of the brilliant things you all have already built.

Please add your "Proposed Demonstrations" ASAP so we can quickly make some
decisions and update the necessary pages/folks at the conferences.



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