[uf-discuss] xfolk: tags that aren't links

Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Sun Jan 1 20:45:23 PST 2006

At 23:26 -0500 01.01.2006, Bud Gibson wrote:
>At one point in time, I considered having non-link tags ... I also
>  perceived a considerable advantage in joining forces with by far
>  the most widely adopted tagging standard, reltag.  You should too.

Thank you to everyone who wrote, and my apologies for inadvertently 
reviving a topic that had already been done to death.

The case I mentioned was not purely imaginary, inasmuch as I have 
seen examples of the kind of thing that I described (i.e. bookmarks 
accompanied by tags/keywords in the form of static text rather than 
links). However, I am unable to find any current examples of this. 
About the closest I can come are some scientific bibliographies, 
where non-link keywords still seem to occur, but this kind of use is 
not an exact fit for 'xfolk' anyway.

More to the point, I recognize the advantages of rel-tag and of 
keywords-as-links in general. It also makes my job - I'm converting a 
bookmark manager library to output 'xfolk' - easier. I will stop 
encouraging backwards behavior ("Unlinked tags are _so_ Web 1.0"), 
and let my users learn to love rel-tag.



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