[uf-discuss] Happy New Year! Microformats in 2006.

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Tue Jan 3 19:23:48 PST 2006

"Ryan King" wrote...
>> Off hand, I would say the primary existing file tagging systems (in 
>> order of
>> use) are
>> ID3v1
>> ID3v2
> These are all fine and good, but the thing we're lacking in this area  is 
> examples of how people publish this stuff *on the web in HTML*.

Yes, just wanted to provide information I had, for use once the "gathering 
current examples" stage is completed.

There are a number of examples already from adult website videos.  Maybe 
someone could compile examples from places like Atom films, QuickTime 
trailers, Google video, and places that deal in music?


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