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> I'm a little bit wary about discarding the significance of 
> when a date may or may not be relevant. In the example case 
> or recipes (snipped from the grandparent by the parent), my 
> recipe books from the sixties call for many ingredients in 
> forms available at the time:  
> frozen fruit and vegetables, lots of canned foods, etc, which 
> are often harder to find now and much more difficult to cook 
> with. While a reviewer from the sixties may not see the 
> necessity of dating that review, a modern reviewer would most 
> likely review the recipe quite differently-especially one 
> concerned with fair trade and/or health requirements of the food.
> In comparing two reviews, the date reviewed is almost always 
> necessary, because it helps provide a context for that 
> review. I can't think of a case where date reviewed would not 
> be a necessary to determining the context of a review, and as 
> such feel that it's an essential part of hReview.
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The issue to me is that you are wanting to require information that may
not exist. Imagine, your recipe scenario. The dates of the 60's reviews
are probably not even available so the author may make up a date. How
valuable is incorrect information?  Often times, knowing that the
information is unknown is more valuable then artificially created
An author is under no obligation to make his data work for your
application.  Your app needs to decide what it can work with and process
accordingly. If your app absolutely needs a review date, then you have
the option of either ignoring reviews without dates, or handling them

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