[uf-discuss] Wordpress hReview Raiting help: Need help in changing the integer values

Phillip Pearson pp at myelin.co.nz
Sun Jan 15 14:18:49 PST 2006


The Structured Blogging code to generate the microformat output for 
ratings lives in wpsb-files/microcontent/mc_renderers.php.

In this case what you want to do is change the editor to let you specify 
ratings out of 10 rather than out of 5.

To do this, search for "MCRating" in that file and change this line:

      $max = empty($max) ? 5 : intval($max);

to this:

      $max = empty($max) ? 10 : intval($max);

(Just change the number 5 to 10).

 From then on, all ratings will be out of 10, and this should be 
reflected in the microformat output.


sfam at cyberpunkreview.com wrote:

>I have integrated the hReview structured blogging microformat into my
>blog. I am only using the hReview for movie reviews, but I find the 5 star
>rating constaining. Preferably, I would like to have half stars as well to
>allow a rating of 3.5 stars, for instance.  But I certainly can accept a
>1-10 rated scale.
>Has anyone modified the hReview like this, or does anyone know where I'd
>go about making the change?
>The FAQ mentions that the rating is an integer that optionally can have
>different worst and best values specified, but I cannot find where to do
>this in the WordPress Plugin.  It is not in the review-movie.xml file, and
>in poking around the various script and php files, I don't see where this
>is specified.  I'm not a coder by trade, so any help you can give me in
>tracking this down would be most appreciated.

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