[uf-discuss] citation microformat encodings

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Wed Jan 25 06:39:44 PST 2006

Ross Singer wrote:

> In regards to your local (public) library not running one of these  
> "link resolver" thingamabobs, that's hardly an excuse not find  
> value in the technology.  It's only a matter of time before all  
> libraries have a link resolver of some sort.  The rise of  
> electronic resources has basically rendered the link resolver as  
> important as the catalog.
> There are logical reasons that you find it currently at the  
> academic level, rather than the public library level - the bread  
> and butter of link resolvers (and, indeed, citations and scholarly  
> research) is in journal articles.  This is a much larger part of a  
> university library budget than a public library's.
> However, the state of Georgia will be rolling out link resolving  
> for all citizens (colleges, public libraries, K-12) this year, so  
> the trend is certainly moving "down the library food chain".

I'm not clear on how the existence of link resolvers is relevant to  
an XHTML microformat adopting OpenURL's metadata labels.  Is everyone  
talking about the same thing here, roughly what Tim and Ed pointed to  

[1] http://www.inkdroid.org/journal/2006/01/18/openurl-as-microformat/
[2] http://onebiglibrary.net/project/coins/openurl-microformat-for- 


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