[uf-discuss] Versioned Documents

Tim Barker timbarker at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Jan 29 13:00:04 PST 2006

Hi All - i'd appreciate your thought on how microformats can (or could) be 
applied to solving the problem i'm trying to tackle:

A lot of corporations have internal document management systems which are 
used to apply change and version control for (mainly) documents. Ironically, 
a large company will have around 8 different internal document managements, 
each focusing on a different type of document or process.

Seems to me that an RSS feed containg a microformat describing the document 
meta-data, version infomation and enclosed file would be the ideal way to 
distribute document meta-data and version information between different 
systems. I'm thinking that it would work in a similar way to hCard, with 
each document having its own meta data.

Is there something that does this already or is there an opportunity to have 
a hVersionedDocument or similiar?

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