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Also sprach Chris Messina:

 > Taking a look at one of the examples, I wonder if you could use traditional mFs?
 >   <SPEAKER>Soothsayer</SPEAKER>
 >   <LINE>You shall be yet far fairer than you are.</LINE>
 > </SPEECH>
 > to begin, could be translated into XOXO with a little cite/q:
 > <dl class="speech">
 >   <dt class="speaker"><cite>Soothsayer</cite></dt>
 >   <dd class="lines"><q>You shall be yet far fairer than you are.</q></dd>
 > </dl>

That could work. I'm a little uncertain about labelling Soothsayer as
a "term" and his line as a "definition", though. (TimBL himself once
called me pedantic when resisting the use of dl's beyond tranditional
definition lists, so perhaps I'm a bit old-fashioned.)

My initial approach uses 'p' and 'span' elements:

  <p class='sp'><span class='speaker'>Åse</span>.
     <span class='line'>Peer, du lyver!</span>
  <p class='sp'><span class='speaker'>Peer Gynt</span> 
     <span class='stage'>(uden at standse)</span>.
     <span class='line'>Nej, jeg gør ej!</span>

The inspiration is from TEI; 'sp' 'speaker' and 'stage' are TEI
elements. 'line' is not -- TEI uses 'l' instead [1]. I don't like
using 'l' as it is often confused with '1'.

Note the punctuation, e.g. the full stop at the end of the first line.
It's not part of the 'speaker', but it should still end up on the same
line when formatted. So, 'speaker' has to be an inline element if you
want to (easily) take advantage of existing TEI markup.

Replacing 'sp' with 'speech', as you have done, makes sense for some
of the same reasons and this is also what Bosak used for the
Shakespeare texts. Btw, there's a nice comparison of TEI vs. Bosak's
DTD here [2].

[1] http://leaders.sourceforge.net/documentation/encoding/taglib.html
[2] http://classicosm.com/xml/tei-vs-play.html


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