[uf-discuss] Proposal for MD5/SHA-1 hash microformat

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 16:45:43 PST 2006

Hello Anthony,

On 1/31/06, anthony l. bryan <albryan at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> Thanks for the kind reply to a beginner.
> I definitely agree, keep the hashes in the open. I just don't know what I'm
> doing, but that's what I intended.
> As far as looking nice, your example was fine & looks about what things look
> like now. But what were you thinking?

OK, I'll give you an example using an hCard.  Just so everyone is up
to speed, you can kind of think of an hCard as being like a busines
card.  (Well, sort of.)  With it you can give your name, your phone
number, your e-mail address, etc etc.  (There's actually ALOT of stuff
you can put in there, but I won't even try to list them all out in
this e-mail.)

Here's an example hCard:

    <span class="vcard">
        <span class="fn">Joe Blow</span>
        <span class="org">The Example Company</span>
        <span class="tel">604-555-1234</span>
        <a class="url" href="http://example.com/">4</a>

With this example, we are saying the person's name is "Joe Blow". 
That Joe works at "The Example Company".  That Joe's phone number is
604-555-1234.  And his (website's) URL is http://example.com/

So, that's great and all, but doesn't look very good.  Let's say I
want to put all this into an HTML e-mail signature.  Let's say I want
the final signature to look something like the following.  (Hopefully
you've viewing this e-mail using a "fixed width" font, or it's not
going to look that great... but anways....)

      Joe Blow
     The Example Company          http://example.com/

Then I could mark this up as:

    <pre class="vcard">
      <span class="fn">Joe Blow</span>
      <span class="tel">604-555-1234</span>
     <span class="org">The Example Company</span>          <a
class="url" href="http://example.com/">http://example.com/</a>

Then it would look how we want to look like, but we'd have all the
semantics that the hCard brings.

Does that help?


See ya

    Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc.

    charles @ reptile.ca
    supercanadian @ gmail.com

    developer weblog: http://ChangeLog.ca/

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