[uf-discuss] hCalendar / hCard implementation, check please

Lukasz Lysakowski ll234 at cornell.edu
Tue Jul 4 06:17:39 PDT 2006


I recently stumbled upon the microformats standards and found the idea
terrific.  I am currently developing a web project for a higher-ed
department and I would like to implement the microformat standards into my
current development.  I have setup an events result-description page using
the hcalendar / hcard formats.  I want to make sure my implementation is
correct so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you > lukasz

<div id="event-description" class="vevent">

                <h2><abbr class="dtstart" title="20060230">Thursday,
February 30</abbr></h2>
	    <span class="time"><abbr class="dtstart"

	     <h4 class="summary">Public Interest Career Symposium</h4>
        	     <p class="description">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. </p>

		<dd class="location">Myron Taylor Hall</dd>
		<dd class="status">Open to the Public, Faculty and Students</dd>
		<dd class="url">http://www.cornell.edu/</dd>
                <dt>Contact Info::</dt>
		<dd class="vcard"><span class="fn">Leslie Intermann</span><br />
href="ll234 at cornell.edu"></a>


lukasz lysakowski
web developer
iws - cornell university

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