Include fragments [was RE: [uf-discuss] a.include mimetype]

Ryan King ryan at
Mon Jul 10 17:07:48 PDT 2006

First of all, please note that the issue about inclusions only being  
specified within a document is spelled out on the wiki (in bold even)  

> Note 1: the object data attribute MUST be a local ID reference.

On Jul 10, 2006, at 1:30 PM, Chris Messina wrote:

> Actually, there's a distinction to clarify, which Joe brought up:
> cross-domain transclusion (which Tantek says isn't what we're talking
> about) and local transclusion -- i.e. from the same referencing page.

We have no use case for including content from other resources on the  
web. Remember, this was built for a specific use-case: hResume's  
multiple hCards.


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