[uf-discuss] hCard improvement - more implied "n" handling

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 10 21:30:15 PDT 2006

It has been my experience that even when one explicitly marks up the
"given-name", "additional-name", and "family-name" for cases where the 2 or
1 word implied "n" optimization doesn't apply, that it is *still* very easy
to forget to explicitly specify the necessary class name "n".  I've lost
track of how many times I've only used "fn" and then the n subproperties,
until realizing later that oops I'd forgotten the explicit "n".

So the simple proposal is:

If the implied "n" optimization (one or two words) doesn't apply
and there is no "n" property, then treat the "fn" element as if it is "fn n"
and look for explicit "n" subproperties inside the "fn" element.

Brian informs me that this is quite easy to implement, and I think it will
make the common n subproperty cases much easier to author correctly by

Any objections to making this change?

Scott, Drew, Assaf - any idea how hard this will be to implement in your



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