[uf-discuss] A couple of real-world usage problems

Marcos Ojeda subliminal at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 06:13:31 PDT 2006

it would seem like you could create css specific stylings of the same
microformat. i.e.
<div class="lotsofinfo">
  <div class="vevent">....</>

<div class="quicksummary">
  <li><div class="vevent">....</></li>
  <li><div class="vevent">....</></li>

and then completely obscure via "display:none" the classes within
hevent that you don't want to show up in hevents listed under a ul or
even in quicksummary, or however.

then a search engine would never confuse the two (although it would
probably match it twice? on different pages...?)

rock out,

On 7/11/06, Mike Rumble <mike.rumble at lawton.co.uk> wrote:
> What I'm getting at is does the user-agent or search engine see these a
> two separate events? If not, is there value in using hCalendar in both
> places?

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