[uf-discuss] hCard implementation - Check for accuracy

Frances Berriman frances.berriman at v-2.uk.com
Thu Jul 13 02:45:44 PDT 2006

Ah okay, I'm with ya.  Misunderstanding of that on my part, of the type
value.  Corrected now.  Thanks.

Still don't really understand why the parser doesn't pick it up
sometimes.   I grabbed the hCard from my own site, which when displayed,
does trigger the icon to show and work (GM extension), but when I insert
it into the page I'm working on with the example below, it doesn't.


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On 13 Jul 2006, at 10:15, Frances Berriman wrote:

> Can someone take a
> quick look, and let me know if this is the correct way to mark-up a UK
> company address?  I checked myself against a few implementations in  
> the
> wild, and the problem continues to elude me (if there is one). :

On the whole it looks fine, Frances. Just one minor problem  
(shouldn't affect a parser finding the hCard though):

>           <div class="tel">
>                    <span class="work">
>                              <span
> class="value">+44(0)1344865555</span></span>
>                    <span class="fax">
>                              <span class="value">+44(0)1344
> 865555</span></span>
>           </div>

The 'work' and 'fax' are actually values for the 'type' property, not  
properties in themselves.

So you should have something more like:

<div class="tel">
<span class="type">Fax:</span> <span class="value">+44(0)1344 865555</ 

There are more examples of how this works here:

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