[uf-discuss] hResume Check Please

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Fri Jul 14 13:38:34 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Since hResume is only a draft and there's not much in the way of  
automated checking,  I wonder if some of you could give my  
hResumified CV a look over. http://ben-ward.co.uk/cv

For general feedback, I quite enjoyed updating the CV to support  
hResume. For the most part the plain-HTML version I had before mapped  
very quickly to the µf, I had to add a few <divs> for hevent  
structure, but that was all very logical so I'm pleased there.

A few frustrations/issues:

First up, the best-practice method of containing hCard within an  
ADDRESS element appears hard to implement, given the inline nature of  
ADDRESS. In my case, I tried to have [div#benmichaelward] (line 100)  
as an ADDRESS, but the block-level children triggers quirks mode in  
browsers and causes the block level content (h1, ul, dl) to become  
siblings in the DOM, not children, which in turn breaks stlyling.

Second, I find the mark-up required for skills - using rel=tag - to  
be rather laborious to author. I appreciate the value of using tags,  
pointing multiple skill sets to the same place, but there is a lot of  
typing involved, not to mention the effort of hunting out the URLs. I  
honestly don't know if there's a better way though, since everything  
I keep half-thinking of as I type this doesn't actually help very  
much (briefly the idea of a base URL for tags, but that doesn't  
actually get around much of the labour problem).

Anyway, I felt that worth flagging up in case anyone was sitting on  
an ingenious idea of a tag shorthand and needed motivation to post it.

The last thing regards experience/education hevents that are still  
ongoing (“2002-present”). Is it safe to assume, or should it perhaps  
be specified in hResume itself, that ‘present’ is implied by the  
absence of a dtend field?

Mark-up pedantry greatly appreciated.


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