[uf-discuss] creators updated

Dmitry Baranovskiy dmitry.baranovskiy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 16:39:11 PDT 2006

It looks like my previous message was lost, so I repeat it again:

Hi Ryan,

I've noticed couple of small issues:
1. hCard Creator: AIM screenname & YIM screenname overlap each other in Safari
2. hCalendar Creator: dtend has fromat "2006620", I think should be "20060620"
3. hReview Creator: word "date*" in "review date*" jumps on the next
row and moves "reviewer*" down in Safari. It looks like "review" is
label for date, "date*" is label for text field and "reviewer*" is
label for empty row. Also I didn't noticed value of url field in
generated code. And also, should "photo" be inside an "item" as well
as "fn" and "url"?


P.S. Do you need russian localization of these pages. I already done
one for XFN creator, but I don't know where to post it.

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