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>The problem of having the ‘USD’ inside a class attribute is that this
>hides the data from humans.

For "$50", the context may make the currency apparent (to a human, at


><span class="number"><abbr class="unit currency" title="GBP">£</

Again, if "£" is an abbreviation, then its title is "pounds sterling";
though note that:


is pronounced as:

        five pounds sterling

and not:

        pounds sterling five

in the same way that:


is pronounced as:

        five dollars

and not

        dollars five

><span class="number">25<span class="unit">cm</span></span>

I'd certainly like to be able to mark up, say:

        <length type="inches">2"</length>

        <duration type="seconds">2"</duration>

in such a way as to show that 2" and 2" are not necessarily the same.
Once again, context will usually make the usage clear, for humans.

(using water HTML entity instead of a quote mark, of course)

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