[uf-discuss] reconciling conflicting details

Michael Leikam leikam at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 14:12:19 PDT 2006

A little background first: I'm expecting that I'll build an
hCa* aggregator in the next few months that will discover
and collect vevents (and eventually hCards) published by
the campus community here at Cal State Long Beach.  The
goal is to generate a broad view of what's going on on
campus based on lots of smaller, independent groups
publishing their own pages.  In a lot of ways, it's a
microcosm of the internet.  

As a byproduct of being hcal events on publicly accessible
web pages, these events will be visible to any other
aggregators out there as well as GM scripts, tails
extensions, etc.

In an ideal world, I would discover only one announcement
for any event, but I know that is not going to happen. 
There are going to be multiple assertions about some events
and the details will vary.  My worry is that they will vary
in substantially.

There are two issues I see here:
1) identity.  How to identify that hCal event announcements
at two URLs are actually referring to the same event (or
whether two hCards refer to one person)?
2) trust. How to reconcile differences in the details?  In
a way, this is a question about cross-domain trust and
handling "uf spam."  Assuming the identity question is
resolved, is the lecture on Monday at 2 or Thursday at 5?

Any ideas?



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