[uf-discuss] reconciling conflicting details

Michael Leikam leikam at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 18:06:46 PDT 2006

Is this the thread you had in mind?

Yes, you can use url+fragment to reference an event on
another page and assert updated information based on
publication timestamps, but that depends on
the original author using pub'd/modified dates and the
subsequent author knowing about the prior publication of
the event.  If people expect it, distributed collaboration
seems possible.  That's not what I expect to find when I
start aggregating pages.

Having crawled four pages, what I want to know is whether
there is one event today that's published four times or
four events, each of which is published once?

And UIDs don't address the case where somebody asserts an
update to an event that contains innacurate information. 
Do you trust that all updates are valid?


--- brian suda <brian.suda at gmail.com> wrote:

> Michael Leikam wrote:
> > In an ideal world, I would discover only one
> announcement
> > for any event, but I know that is not going to happen. 
> > There are going to be multiple assertions about some
> events
> > and the details will vary.  My worry is that they will
> vary
> > substantially.
> >   
> There is a UID for iCalendar which allows for a globally
> unique ID. URLs
> also achieve the same thing. There is also a dtstamp, and
> date-modified
> which allows you to figure out which is the most recent.
> There was a discussion a few months ago on this topic.
> Have a look in the mailing list archives for the
> discussion.
> -brian
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