[uf-discuss] origin of class attribute approach in microformats ?

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Sun Jul 23 17:22:58 PDT 2006


Le 22 juil. 06 à 08:35, Guillaume Lebleu a écrit :
> why the approach has evolved to become the following "class  
> attribute-approach":
> instead of the following mixed-namespace approach:
> Both approaches work fine in a browser (firefox at least), and both  
> approaches could be generated from the same XML. But having an XML  
> background I see that the second approach has the following  
> advantages:

It depends on the Web community you are talking to and then the type  
of applications and tools. In the paradigm of Web authors and Web  
designers, the Web community has a better understanding of class  
names because they are used to it.
In some other Web communities, it will be the opposite, people will  
have a better grip on XML namespaces, and schemas.

So it's really a question of community of practices. The more  
important is to find bridges when it's possible. The rest turns  
always in religious debates, which are pointless.

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