[uf-discuss] geo and named locations

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Sun Jul 23 20:14:27 PDT 2006

Hi all,

this is going to sound awfully pedantic I think, but I am just trying  
to clarify the following from the geo specification

If the publisher knows and is publishing the name of the location in  
addition to its geo lat/long, then the publisher MUST use hCard  
instead of just geo to publish the name and geo lat/long of the  

Of course this makes perfect sense with most places - like a hotel,  
or a human made landmark. But what about "natural" landmarks - like  
Mt Everest, which have a name, but for which vCard doesn't seem to me  
appropriate (as it's not "contact information").

I wonder, actually in that context, whether it would make sense to  
mark up the Eiffel Tower with a vCard, or just geo and/or adr  
(depending on the use context), as for example in a Tourist guide, is  
infomation about visiting the landmark "contact" information ("person  
or white pages type of directory information" - RFC2426 )?

But, I'd very much like people's thoughts

thanks in advance


John Allsopp

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