[uf-discuss] solidifying multiple hatom feed behavior

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Mon Jul 24 06:38:17 PDT 2006

A few people recently have been asking about multiple hatom feeds in  
a single html document, and while I know I've brought the issue up a  
few times before we never really came to any definitive statements  
that (a) authors could use as guidance for publishing and (b) the  
couple of parser authors could go by to work on adding support for  
multiple feeds.

Based in large part on this IRC conversation:

I've added to the hatom issues page draft rules for multiple feeds --  
they don't necessarily alter the 0.1 behaviors, or add any new  
"requirements" to the spec but outline the expected behavior in the  
various scenarios.


I'd love it if anyone involved take a read through and comment on the  
issues i've posted, or for any of the parser writers to jump in if  
any other cases need to be outlined or the class+id issue could be  
resolved. My goal right now is to have enough there that someone can  
go ahead and write or modify one of the existing parsers to handle  
multiple feeds and we can get a real world example out there for demo  

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