[uf-discuss] categories, locations and the limitations of current iCal clients

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Tue Jul 25 01:11:02 PDT 2006

I was trying out a windows app called "EventSherpa" (which claims to be an
iCal clone for Windows) and noticed that it has a freeform
"Subcategory" field that allows entry of any categories (without needing to
predefine them).

(it is populated with the categories data from a subscribed calendar)

Does Apple's iCal have this?

I don't have a Mac capable of running OSX so I have no way of testing it.

The reason I am asking this is I need to find some way for users to specify
things like music genres and event type when adding events and most calendar
clients I've looked at before only had pre-defined categories.

(music genres and other categories on spraci.com are basically just tags)

I don't like the way some other calendar clients require the user to define
a category before using it (they seem to ignore categories not in the list),
I can't see many users entering music categories if they have to go to the
trouble of setting up new categories before entering their event.

I also need to find a good way for users to specify the city/country.
No calendar client I've yet seen has anything good for that.

I would like to find a way to show any event listings owned by a user on the
same calendar, regardless of which city - and still allow the user to
publish from there.
I think some users may prefer a view showing all the events they have added,
(but in order to publish they MUST specify the city!)
There might also be timezone issues if there are cities are in different
timezones on the same calendar
... maybe this is just too difficult!

I might just have to just force everyone to use a different calendar for
each city and if they want to post to a different city they will have to use
the url for that city.
(not good for a tour promoter who wants to quickly add events in multiple

I'm hoping that in future the possibilities opened up by combining hCalendar
with hCard might result in better ways to enter locations in future calendar

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