[uf-discuss] Re: Exploratory discussion: content rating

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Jul 27 10:54:57 PDT 2006

On 7/27/06 10:42 AM, "Kevin Marks" <kmarks at technorati.com> wrote:

> On Jul 27, 2006, at 10:05 AM, Scott Reynen wrote:
>> I didn't mean to suggest you weren't following the process.  I was
>> just trying to point out the humorous situation I was imagining, in
>> which someone walks by, sees you looking at a porn site, and then you
>> turn around and try in vain to explain "Seriously, I'm doing research
>> for a microformat."
> Sounds like a problem we have at work when checking spam blogs.
> When I was at Apple, Maynard, who worked on MPEG playback, had to have
> an office with no windows due to the kind of content he got bug reports
> of bad MPEG streams in...

We had an office with blocked hallway windows for this reason as well when
developing IE5/Mac and fixing particularly nasty (as in *difficult*)
javascript/DOM bugs that had been reported, especially those having to do
with pop-ups, communication across multiple windows etc.


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