[uf-discuss] Exploratory discussion: content rating

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Thu Jul 27 18:47:23 PDT 2006

I don't really see much chance of any kind of rating system that relies on
the honesty of publishers working very well in the real world.

I doubt that many porn, casino, etc sites would be honest about ratings if
they think there is any chance it may be used to block their sites.

It would be a bit like asking a spammer to tag their posts as spam before
sending them!

also regarding something like this:

class="content-nudity content-profanity".

I guess its fairly clear what "nudity" means... (or is it? - does it mean no
clothing at all or less than a certain percentage covered?)
but "profanity" could be interpreted VERY differently by different people
 ... I mean - if you ask two different people what they consider "profane"
you will get two very different answers!

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