[uf-discuss] Easy book citations

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Sun Jul 30 15:24:18 PDT 2006

Bruce D'Arcus:
> But if you follow the BibTeX way strictly (where all properties are
> single values) you will end up with an hCite tha is liimited, and
> akward to extend. Every time someone needs to represent a different
> kind of resource, they'll have to go through some complicated
> community consensus process just to get their new ttitle, etc.
> propreties authorized.
That sounds like an excellent way to discourage trivial accretions - people
would only go through the process of extending the spec if they really, really
needed it. This means you can start with something relatively simple and easy
to get consensus on, and work from there.

What's the down-side again?

<dhd> even though I know what a 'one time pad' is, it still sounds like
a feminine hygiene product.

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