[uf-discuss] pingerati notes

Kevin Marks kmarks at technorati.com
Sun Jun 4 09:35:55 PDT 2006

On Jun 4, 2006, at 2:21 AM, Mark Mansour wrote:

> I have to say "great job" on the pingerati digester and multiplexer!
> Just a couple of administrative items
> - I cant get reach events.pingerati.com/ping/ or review.* as noted on
> the about page (I stopped trying after these two failed)

Oops, that should be events.pingerati.net/ping/ etc.
I corrected the page. We intend to get pingerati.com routed too but it 
isn't set up yet.
Sorry for the confusion. Also not it should be 
reviews.pingerati.net/ping/ (ie plural 'reviews' not singular 

> - the ping format on the about page indicates that the scheme should
> not be used in the ping URI, but the homepage and the bookmarklet seem
> to indicate that the scheme should be included and that it should be
> http:// (my preference is for the scheme should be included).

We will cope with either, so sending it with http is fine (do make sure 
you escape the URL, especially if it has any ? & or # in).

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