[uf-discuss] mf-dev

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Tue Jun 6 22:57:53 PDT 2006

> I think I know where the people in the mf-dev conversation think
> about this (Dan, Tantek, Brian and myself) , but I'd like to open
> this discussion up to more people, as it was the potential to impact
> publishers.

I've tried to subscribe to mf-dev a few times and gave up - no response...

..given that I am experimenting with parsing microformats (especially
hcalendar - as most of this is related to events listings - but some vcard
stuff will probably be also used to specify location details such as cities)
and plan to include such parsers in software to be given to event promoters
and also server-side aggregators, I thought I should subscribe to it to
learn better ways of doing this and to make sure I don't repeat mistakes
others may have made before me.

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