[uf-discuss] include-pattern implementation - please check

Michael Leikam leikam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 09:57:35 PDT 2006

Here is a page with a group of people whose contact
information is marked up as hCards:

Each contact row makes fairly heavy use of the
include-pattern.  Since the X2V parser is not producing
what I'd hoped, I'd like some feedback on how the markup
could be improved.  

Specifically, any suggestions for handling the "org" block
would be great. I'm also undecided on whether to markup the
"title" by adding the class to the <td> or creating a new
wrapper within it.  You'll see it done both ways on the

FWIW, I think this page also represents a good use-case for
supporting the inclusion of the referenced node and not
just child nodes.  In client-side image maps, <area> tags
can have no children.

Thanks in advance,


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