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Frédéric de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Sat Jun 10 04:11:21 PDT 2006

Hi list,

I'm struggling with the French resume format : as we're supposed to 
write very small resumes (1 pages, 2 if we really have 20 years of 
working experience), we usually don't write down our complete education, 
but just the diploma and the year we graduated this way :

2001 : Diploma of Master Jedi at the Jedi Academy of Tatooine.
1997 : Diploma of Great Sorcerer at the Great Wizardry School of Gondor

I'm looking for a way to translate this as a microformat. hcal won't 
work because it doesn't have a start and end date.

I've been thinking about something like this :

<p class="diploma" title="Master Jedi">
   <span class="date">2001</span> :
   <span class="summary">Diploma of Master Jedi</span> of the
   <a class="url org">Jedi Academy of Tatooine</a>

Is this correct ?


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