[uf-discuss] Very basic question that is not in the FAQ

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Hi Remi

My take on it is this - Tantek and others started this idea but as it grows
up (its 1 years old) it should be handed over to some standards body.
Tantek due to his commercial connection with Technorati - IMHO - should
divest ownership of Microformats.org to the W3C or some other body.  My only
concern is that this may kill the speed and agility of MF's just as they
gain traction. 


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Hi guys,

Yesterday, I posted a post on my blog explaining the basics of microformats
but I got a question from a reader that is not answered in the wiki FAQ,
although I think it is a very good one. The question is:

"Are microformats approved by anyone else that their creators and the ones
who user them? Who is in charge of them?"

I mean, I know they're all open formats, but I was still wondering if
there's an organization that is in charge of the microformats.

For example, the W3C is in charge of the development of several standards,
but who is in charge of the development of microformats. Is microformats
community the only one that is in charge of them?

Thank you,

P.S. - Sorry for my bad english.

Rémi Prévost
remi at exomel.com
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