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Thu Jun 22 08:00:05 PDT 2006

Ben, Chris,

This heightened interest in user interfaces for microformats is very much
deserving of at least a page to document the various ideas, screenshots,
tools etc. that everyone is coming up with.

I've added both those URLs to this new page on the wiki:

I encourage you and everyone else to add more such examples.



On 6/21/06 3:05 PM, "Ben Ward" <lists at> wrote:

> Chris Messina wrote:
>> Beautiful:
> in 
> Well, I saw Jon's post it this morning let out an involuntary
> cry/laugh/choke kind of reaction. I demo'd a terrifyingly similar
> concept to Tantek on Saturday post- at media (whilst stealing his nachos,
> naturally). It's my bad for not posting weeks ago of course, butŠ wow.
> Similarity is proof of a good idea I hope.
> With thanks to Jon for the unintended kick up the arse to finish my
> write-up, I've finally published my interpretation of what is really a
> very similar idea:
> It's under a Creative Commons Attr+SA license, but as it says in the
> post if you want to implement it and can't meet the SA part for
> commercial reasons I'll happily relicense. The intention is just to
> encourage public evolution of the ideas.
> Regards,
> Ben
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