[uf-discuss] permalinks for microformat chunks of pages: use the 'id' attribute on root microformat elements

Andy Hume andyhume at thedredge.org
Fri Jun 23 09:37:23 PDT 2006

> If a convention arose for people to mark up their own hCard with  
> something like id="author" or id="me", then it would be easier for  
> people to build/use tools to extract just that single hCard,  
> leaving any others on the page alone if desired.

Isn't there already a convention, indeed a W3C standard, for marking  
up contact details for the page author? The <address> element.

However, I can certainly see the benefit of adding id attributes in  
other situations.
> Perhaps this is something that could also be recommended as a best  
> practice... if enough people start doing it, that is.

Could there even be a case for defining specific id values as having  
specific meaning within the spec itself, if a convention did arise?


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