[uf-discuss] Microformats wallpaper

Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Tue Jun 27 00:34:40 PDT 2006

Rémi Prévost a écrit :
> Rémi Prévost wrote:
>>> I might also suggest that the source files be released to the
>>> community, especially if you release it under Creative Commons, for
>>> further improvement and mixing.
>>> I know that Ryan has set up and Hg repository for this purpose, but it
>>> would be nice if there was a simple place to drop files and artwork
>>> like this that didn't rely on a CLI.
>> Sure, as soon as I get back home (where the source files are) I 
>> promise to
>> relase them. For the moment, I'll put them on my web server, but if we
>> could have a kind of a repository for mf-related multimedia files, it
>> would be great!
>>> And yes, I like it!
>> Thanks!
> Here's the wallpaper in various sizes:
>  <http://remiprevost.com/weblog/2006/06/25/microformats-le-fond-decran/>
> I also made, as promise, a "standalone" version of the logo in 
> Macromedia Fireworks (our favorite vector2bitmap graphic editor):
>  <http://remiprevost.com/images/wallpapers/microformats/mf-vector.png>
> Both are released under the same license:
>  <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/>
> Have fun with them!

Well done Remi.
Should it be possible to make it avaliable with the orange version of 
the logo ? Should be so great...

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