[uf-discuss] Outlook doesn't import phonenumbers?

Victor Nystad vliste at palografen.no
Tue Jun 27 05:12:56 PDT 2006

I'm doing some experimenting with hcard on my companys website:  
and ran into difficulties getting Outlook to import the phonenumber  
when parsed through technoratis hCard to vCard converter <http:// 

It seems the only way to get it to work is to specify the type value,  
for instance "work", as a class itself.
<span class="tel"><span class="type">Work</span><span  
class="value">40003718</span></span> doesn't work, but adding work as  
a class-name does:
<span class="tel"><span class="type work">Work</span><span  

But then again, this isn't valid is it? Any other solutions apart  
from telling 60% of my customers they should get a mac?

Victor Nystad,

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