[uf-discuss] Project microformat: pre-research heads-up

Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 12:24:29 PDT 2006

Some time in the next few weeks I'm planning on revisiting the RDF/OWL
vocabulary [1] I started for use with projects (any projects) ages
ago. What I personally want out of this is a way of dealing with
priorities and dependencies between to-do items, let the  computer
tell me what I should work on next for maximum efficiency.

But this time around it seems to make sense to make use of
microformats as well, so I can do project docs in HTML, let GRDDL suck
out the data. For the microformat side I will be following The
Process. I think quite a lot of the terms in hCalendar should be
reusable  (I  should also strip a lot of the terms I've currently got
on the RDF side too, when I've played with data in this stuff I've
hardly used any of them).

I did a fair bit of research last time around, but since then all the
online Web 2.0ish ToDo list apps have appeared. Basically I need to go
back to surveying. So any pointers (on or off list) would be very much
appreciated. I think a hProject could be very useful, but I need the
prior art to prove it...


[1] http://purl.org/stuff/project/



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