[uf-discuss] Is Music dead?

Rod Begbie rodbegbie+microformats at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 21:29:48 PDT 2006

On 6/28/06, Harry Dean Hudson Jr. <dean at ero.com> wrote:
> I plan on researching and co-opting existing idioms if they exist, and
> actually started listing some examples of Artist/Release/Track data in
> music-examples before it became clear to me that this may not have
> been its intention-- it reads like it may have been set up to do
> something more along the lines of what media-info is set up to do.

Hi Dean.

I started to get all excited about uFormats after ETech, had a wee
project all lined up that would benefit hugely from them.... then got
swamped at work, and never had time to see it through.

I whole-heartedly wanted to attack the Artist/Release/Track model for
"Popular" music.  You can see my original post on the matter here:

My intention at the time was to do something based off-of
MusicBrainz's MMD format --

Other thoughts included incorporating playlists in web pages by
combining this and XOXO.

The main complexity I saw would be the nesting.  A track can be by an
artist.  An artist can record tracks.  An artist can have albums that
contain tracks.  A track can be on several albums.

Any questions, feel free to ping me.


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