[uf-discuss] Is Music dead? (I hope not!)

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Fri Jun 30 00:47:35 PDT 2006

> I'm not sure of examples off hand but there are a lot of similarities
> between books and albums:
> Cover
> Description/Abstract
> Release Date
> Tracks/Chapters
> Label/Publisher
> Artist/Author
> Copyright
> License?
> Format
> ...and so on.

yes there are definately similarities with books and also movies
but with music (any genre) you can have composers/writers, producers,
performers and possibly even arrangers who are not always the same people...
and then you can also have situations where the music and song lyrics are
written by different people.... then there could also be a remixer (eg in
dance music and some pop music - remixed by ????)...

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