[uf-discuss] meeting minutes: microformats needed?

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Wed May 3 12:19:05 PDT 2006

On May 3, 2006, at 1:43 PM, brush wrote:

> one thought about "role": is it appropriate to re-engineer the  
> category
> from what is apparently originally intended as a relatively static
> feature (ie. "sales engineer" for a person or "green construction" for
> an organization) to something relevant only in the immediate context
> (ie. "notetaker" for a specific meeting, or "abstain" for a vote)?

It looks to me like "role" in vCard and hCard means what "role" in  
English means.  I would say "notetaker" is a role, but "abstain" is  
not.  Maybe "abstainer" could be a role, but it would need to be  
defined within a very specific context, unless you're describing  
someone who just goes around abstaining all day.  I think roles need  
to be nouns, not verbs.


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