[uf-discuss] meeting minutes: microformats needed?

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Wed May 3 12:22:44 PDT 2006

On 5/3/06 11:43 AM, "brush" <brush at tryonfarm.org> wrote:

> thanks, tantek and others.  i will go ahead and start the wiki process
> with some of the research i've done already, and will invite you to join
> me!
> one thought about "role": is it appropriate to re-engineer the category
> from what is apparently originally intended as a relatively static
> feature (ie. "sales engineer" for a person or "green construction" for
> an organization) to something relevant only in the immediate context
> (ie. "notetaker" for a specific meeting, or "abstain" for a vote)?

Good question.  The hCalendar specification goes into this a bit further,
and has separate fields for ORGANIZER and ATTENDEE for example.  I recommend
you read RFC2445 before pursuing this further.

> finally, a last question: anyone heard of any existing sgml or xml or
> any other schema for meeting minutes, to avoid wheel-reproduction?  good
> ideas for where to look?

Brush, that's *exactly* the question to ask when writing up the
meeting-minutes-formats page:


per the microformats process:


If you know of any such existing schema or formats, go ahead and add them to
that page.  When others find any, they'll do so as well.

You may also want to look at the work on irc chat transcripts which are
perhaps related to meeting minutes (but not the same).




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