[uf-discuss] Is there an "Ask Question" or "Request for Referral" style microformat

Rémi Prévost remi at exomel.com
Mon May 8 10:17:32 PDT 2006

Paul Bryson wrote:
> Sounds like a FAQ, no?
> Mark Mansour wrote:
>> I have the need to capture and present, in a structured manner, a
>> request for referrals.
>> i.e.  capture in a stuctured way the question (request) "Who sells the
>> best coffee beans in San Mateo, CA?" and then the answers "1. Joes on
>> El Camino Real", "2. Bobs in San Carlos is great too".
>> Has anyone used/developed something like this or have a list of top 5
>> sites I should look at?
>> FYI: I'm looking at integrating this into the stucture blogging work
>> that has already been done.
>> Thanks
>> Mark
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I think he was rather thinking about a way of asking a question to his 
websites visitors, like:

<p class="request">
   <span class="question">Who sells the best coffee beans in San Mateo, 
   <ul class="choices">
     <li>Joes on El Camino Real</li>
     <li>Bobs in San Carlos</li>

Is that what you were thinking about?

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